Frath Hadirial

Half-Elf Rogue/Warlock


18 years of age, 5’ 9", 137 lbs, green eyes, light tan, recently gifted with bright green hair. Frath strongly takes after his father in appearance; he is androgynously handso-pretty and his facial expressions center around a repertoire of smirks, leers, and puppy-dog eyes. Good teeth and pleasant odor, in spite of a distant relationship with hygiene; his hair is a mop of cowlicks and ringlet curls. His eyes flicker around the room in conversation; he is forever on the lookout for something or other. Accent in speech is the fantasy equivalent of ‘New York wiseguy.’ He is slender and under-muscled, yet wiry; he compensates for this somewhat girlish air with aggressive fashion choices.

Frath and his brother Malcer hail from the islands of Kos and are just two of many, many ‘natural sons/daughters’ of the high elf merchant captain Himo Hadirial, an extraordinary rake with a penchant for siring bastards on human women (‘it improves the breed’ is one of his favorite sayings; many erstwhile lovers have mistakenly assumed he was joking.)

Their mother is Westra Lackman, a local barmaid, deeply unhappy with her abandonment and somewhat loathing of her own boys. The little family has not seen Himo in some thirteen years; Frath’s last contact with his father was to be left a queer scrimshaw token carved in the shape of a twisted leaf; at times it has seemed to whisper something unintelligible. The Hadirial brothers grew up in squalor, Malcer taking to what solitude he could find in the tide pools, cliff caves and fishing boats that surrounded their island town, Frath drinking in bars from a scandalously young age and scheming with local toughs – he has spent at least half his life sleeping in gutters and dry cisterns, coming home for brief stretches when hungry and desperate.

He respects his older brother and enjoys his company, but lacks the patience to learn rangercraft from him or anyone else – Frath chalks this up to it ‘being no fun.’ At the screeching insistence of his mother to straighten out, Frath spent ages 14-15 as an acolyte of the chapel of the patron god of the islands; he managed to learn a fair bit about theology, with a special interest in the elvish faiths, but utterly rejected the discipline of the cloistered life. He soon found himself back to his old scrounging life, where he might have stayed, had not his brother’s feat of arms against a local reef shark led to a great celebratory feast, the scene of his mother’s seduction by the local mayor’s corpulent and deeply disagreeable son. Outraged, the hot-headed Frath broke into the mayor’s manor and made off with a few valuables; his break-in was detected, and in the final cruel blow to the home life of the Hadirial brothers, Westra chose to sell her boy out to the guard, causing them to flee the islands to the western coast.

Frath Hadirial

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